Headteacher 'mortified' after police break up rave started at Nottingham school by beginners' DJ class

Revellers reportedly turned up with glowsticks and cans of Red Stripe

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Police were called to break up a rave in Nottingham after a beginners' DJ class reportedly got out of hand. 

The three-hour evening class was being held at West Bridgford's Rushcliffe School on 11 March but things began to escalate after the session ended. 

The Nottingham Post reports that the class turned into a rave after attendees turned up with "glow sticks and cans of Red Stripe". 

By around 2am there were allegedly 250 people at the school, at which point police were called. 

The rave was broken up at 3.30am, and police were "satisfied that no offences had been committed".

Rushcliffe School headteacher Steve Lewis said that he was disappointed by how the event had escalated. 

"Sadly staff were not on side, the person was known to them," he told the Post. 

"They were given the responsibility and that responsibility was placed in the wrong hands. There were 250 people and it lasted until 3.30am, and at one point the fire brigade got called out because the smoke alarm went off," he said. 

"We were absolutely mortified by it. It is nothing that the school would ever want to be connected with, or Field Sports Management. We are part of the community and want to support it and be good residents."