Odd Future have split up, confirms Tyler, The Creator

He implied their legacy will live forever

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I guess everyone has known it for a while, but Odd Future are done.

"Although it's no more, those 7 letters are forever," de facto leader Tyler, The Creator wrote on Twitter, referring to its OFWGKTA moniker.

The collective caused a huge paradigm shift in the hip-hop scene around 2010/2011, when Frank Ocean dropped his Nostalgia, Ultra mixtape and Tyler's Yonkers video went crazy on YouTube.

Its members, which also included Earl Sweatshirt, MellowHype, Domo Genesis and The Internet splintered off to focus on solo projects in the following years however, following their own contrasting styles and finding a lot of success in them.

On a personal level, it seems the group also drifted apart.

Speaking on Earl Sweatshirt, Tyler said last year: "That's my n*gga. We just aren't as close as we were.

"It's kind of weird, but I'm aware and smart enough to know, okay, shit changes. Shit changes, people get older, people's goals change.

"As fucking outlandish and outspoken as I am, I don't like confrontation. I'm not a piece of shit, man. I'm fair to everyone."

Tyler also posted a picture of Odd Future from 2010 on Instagram, where many followers pleaded them to make one more album as a group.