Orange Is The New Black actress Laverne Cox stars in new John Legend music video for #operationgirl campaign

The video is part of a fundraising challenge for women and girls’ charities around the world  

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Laverne Cox has made a cameo in John Legend’s new music video for You & I (Nobody In The World).

The star of the Netflix prison drama Orange Is The New Black is one of a number of women who appear in the video, which is promoting the #OperationGirl Charity Challenge.

The four-minute video features a diverse group of women and girls looking into the camera as if they are looking into a mirror, with the audience seeing their different expressions.

In one stark moment, a woman takes off her bra to reveal that she has had a double mastectomy and in another, a woman takes off a wig to reveal that she has no hair on her head.

Cox is only seen briefly walking through a room and taking off her make-up. Earlier this week, she became the first transgender star to receive an Emmy nomination for her role in the series.  

The #OperationGirl Charity Challenge was launched on Wednesday by Legend, news site RYOT and the Burkle Global Impact Initiative via the fundraising site Crowdrise.

The campaign  is raising money for different causes dedicated to women and girls across the world. From sending a girl to school to speaking out about rape, there are a range of organisations to choose from.

People can donate to the charity of their choice, and the one that receives the most money will be awarded a further cash prize of $50,000 (£29,000).  

Those who raise the second and third largest amounts will be given an additional $20,000 and $10,000 respectively.

The #OperationGirl Charity Challenge will run until August 18.