One Direction 'Drag Me Down' video: Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall join Nasa and go to space

1D fans are going crazy over the quartet's orange spacesuits in their surprise release

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One Direction have finally gone to space in their new music video for latest chart-topper "Drag Me Down".

The boyband's upbeat first single without Zayn Malik hit number one earlier this month and now, they've donned the iconic orange Nasa spacesuits and rocketed out of this world, quite literally.

The video opens with shots of the quartet preparing for their big mission, including Liam breaking a sweat on an exercise bike, Louis driving a hi-tech space exploration vehicle around, Harry bonding with a robot and Niall sporting some awesome burgundy shoes.

Shot at the real Nasa Space Centre in Houston, Texas, fans are treated to a pretty sunset glow and Harry singing that he has "fire for a heart and a river for a soul". Ooh er.

It isn't until take-off that things really hot up as the four 'astronauts' board the rocket and blast out of Earth as Mission Control cheers.

Of course, the 1D fandom erupted with a flood of excited and ecstatic tweets when the video dropped as a surprise this morning, and the #DragMeDownMusicVideo hashtag is already trending on Twitter (beware, excessive use of caps lock).


One Direction released "Drag Me Down" the day after Malik revealed that he has signed a solo record deal with RCA Records.

The 22-year-old, who quit the group in March saying he wanted to live a more "normal" life, congratulated his former bandmates on Twitter, writing that "the new single is sick".