People tweet 'Kanye West has discovered Paul McCartney', have to fight the entire internet to explain the joke

One user claimed to have received death threats over his 'ignorance'

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It's the start of a new year, but the cycle of internet insta-outrage hasn't gone anywhere.

Kanye dropped a surprise new track late on New Year's Eve, written from the perspective of his late mother talking to his daughter North.

It featured Sir Paul McCartney on keys, and such is the mainstream hip-hop community's solipsism, some total comedians on Twitter made jokes posing as dumb fans unaware of who the Beatle is:

That one in particular drew thousands of retweets, along with general scorn, outrage and even a few death threats.


Mentions feed snowballing, @CurvedDaily (one of many who regurgitated the joke) decide to tackle the misdirected venom head-on, insisting it was a joke and questioning how people genuinely thought that someone who has lived in the UK all their life could have not heard of Macca.

Then he just gave in and trolled everyone, pretending to be even more stupid.

And then he, along with anyone else observing this absurd saga, gave up on the world.