Playing Guitar Hero with cars and lasers on a disused runway

Dropping the bass using a hybrid SUV

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Music has always been a major part of car advertising, but rather than use it to score sweeping shots of vehicles on winding roads as is hackneyed tradition, Lexus decided to use its new NX hybrids to actually play some.

In a spectacular and utterly bananas stunt, and three pro drivers were sent 99 kilometres out of Madrid into the semi-desert, where a disused runway was lined with over 350 projected motion sensitive audio lasers and lights.

It all amounted to a 'sound road' of sorts, where beats and notes from his song #thatPOWER were triggered by the cars racing through beams of light at the right moment.

Watching from a safe distance, from which the musical stave made out of long-throw lasers looked like a highway to another dimension, there were a few mistakes along the way, with sequences being missed as the drivers attempted to hit the rising and falling melody.

Eventually they nailed it however, creating a certainly unprecedented neon R&B car orchestra:

We live in a world now where you can initiate a bass drop with a hybrid SUV, and, who previously beamed a track to Mars, is loving it.

"Working with the stunt guys to hit the laser targets in time with the music wasn’t easy to get right but the result was awesome," he said.

"The combination of technology, design and music in this project was out of this world."