Previously unheard Led Zeppelin tracks to be released

More than 10 unreleased songs will be made available to Jimmy Page and Robert Plant fans

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Led Zeppelin are to release more unheard songs from their archive including one of their oldest tracks, “Sugar Mama”, which was originally recorded in 1968.

The frenetic blues jam was recorded at the Olympic Studios along with “Baby Come On Home” during sessions for the band’s self-titled debut album.

The song will be included alongside the previously unreleased rollicking instrumental 1970 track "St Tristan's Sword" in the re-issue of the band’s final three studio albums, Presence (1976), In Through The Out Door (1979) and Coda (1982).

Other unheard material featured on the re-issue will include five unreleased mixes from the band’s 18-day sessions at Musicland Studios in Munich, during which they recorded Presence.

The companion disk to the re-release of In Through The Out Door will feature an unreleased rough mix of every track from the original album, including early versions with working titles such as “The Hook” (“All My Love”), “The Epic” (“Carouselambra”) and “Blot” (“I’m Gonna Crawl”).

In addition, the band will release recordings of songs “Four Hands” (“Four Sticks”) and “Friends” from Jimmy Page and Robert Plant’s 1972 trip to India where they performed with the Bombay Orchestra.

The release follows the commercial success of the separate re-issues of the band’s first six albums, The Led Zeppelin Deluxe Edition, which entered the UK album chart top 10 last year.

The second wave of Led Zeppelin activity will raise hopes that the heavy rock pioneers may tour once again after their acclaimed sell-out 2007 reunion gig at the O2 Arena.

The band, who are known as one of the most influential rock bands of our era, have sold more than 300 million albums worldwide, and recently agreed to add their back catalogue to Spotify.