Prince removes back catalogue from Apple Music, Spotify and Rdio - but stays on Tidal

The artist has pulled his music without any explanation

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Prince has removed all of his music from online streaming services – with the exception of Tidal.

The singer’s music has been pulled from Apple Music, Rdio and Spotify without any explanation from the artist.

A message on his Spotify page states: “Prince’s publisher has asked all streaming services to remove his catalogue. We have cooperated with this request, and hope to bring his music back as soon as possible.”

Prince’s music remains on Jay Z’s streaming service Tidal, which aims to give more money directly back into the hands of artists.

The singer’s legal team have tried to remove Prince’s music from YouTube for some time, with only “Breakfast Can Wait” remaining on his official Vevo page.

The artist’s move comes after Dr Dre and AC/DC added their music to streaming services despite having shown reluctance to do so in the past.


The Australian hard rock band have made their records available on platforms including Apple Music, Spotify and Rdio, while Apple Music has secured an exclusive deal with Dr Dre to stream his 1992 album The Chronic.

The debate surrounding free streaming subscription services was reignited last month after Taylor Swift wrote a letter to Apple Music saying she would withhold her album 1989 from its service as she was unhappy with the three-month free trial offered to subscribers.

Swift’s letter prompted a U-turn from the technology giant, with Apple saying its new streaming service would pay 73 per cent of the music subscription revenue to music owners.

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