Psy's new moves: In his latest video, the gallop has been replaced by the 'butt dance'


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His first hit music video spawned one of the defining – and silliest – dances of the internet age. Now Psy, the South Korean rapper behind "Gangnam Style", has released a sequel to the invisible horse gallop dance that made the 35-year-old a household name.

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His new song, "Gentleman", was broadcast on YouTube yesterday as part of a live concert to an audience of 50,000 in Seoul. For his latest venture he has swapped the distinctive gallop and lasso swing with a bottom-wiggling routine dubbed the "butt dance".

The song itself was released on Thursday, but fans had to wait until yesterday's live performance to see the new moves. The video showed Psy, wearing his customary sunglasses, dancing and creating mischief around Seoul by undoing women's bikinis and making children cry.

While most fans have been positive about the new video, some have raised concerns on Twitter that Psy has recycled the dance moves from the Korean girl band Brown Eyed Girls. Their 2009 single "Abracadabra" had a routine involving folded arms and a sexy sway of the hips, much like the dance in "Gentleman". The excitement that met his new single suggests that he may have another global hit. It has already entered the top 10 on the iTunes singles chart, and rose to No 25 in Britain. It also attracted 1.5 million YouTube hits in its first five hours online.

Psy had previously said that Koreans knew the main dance move of the video very well. He told a South Korean TV news programme: "The dance is one known to all Koreans but new to foreigners. This will be presented in Psy style." The "Gangnam Style" video is the most watched YouTube video of all time – with more than 1.5 billion views since it debuted in July. It inspired countless parodies, made by everyone from astronauts to tail-coated Etonians.