R Kelly reveals 'White Panties' as 'Black Panties' album sequel

Look who's back with yet another sexually-explicit, female-objectifying album

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In what must be one of the most imaginative creative decisions ever made, R Kelly has revealed that his Black Panties follow-up album will be called…White Panties.

The US singer has confirmed that his obsession with sex and women’s lingerie is still alive and furiously kicking, announcing the news in an interview with V magazine.

When it dropped in December 2013, Black Panties was met with a backlash for its explicit lyrics (see below for a selection of such ‘delights'), but R Kelly has warned listeners to “expect a whole other level” in the sequel.

“I always follow what my spirit tells me to do,” he said. “When I get into the studio I write from my heart. I try to write life and not songs. People live life, and when you write life, you’re going to mess around and touch somebody’s heart, and they’ll relate to you and what you’re singing about.”

Hear that? R Kelly has been writing from the heart.

R Kelly's 'Black Panties' album cover

The “Ignition” star also spoke of his admiration for Mary J Blige, who is collaborating with him on a song for White Panties before joining him on tour.

“It’s a very exciting thing when two people like Mary and me come together. It’s never been done, but it kind of makes sense and you’re like ‘Wow!’ and this is very exciting for me because I’m a fan of hers,” he said.

“I’m in the studio right now working on a song for me and Mary. I’m even looking forward to proposing that we do a whole album together. But this is the first I’ve mentioned it. The ‘King and Queen’ album.”

R Kelly claimed recently to be working on not one, not two, but ‘seven or eight’ albums, including the long-promised 12 Nights of Christmas album expected next festive season.

To date, Black Panties has sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide.

Five of the album's more ‘memorable’ lyrics:

“I’m gonna go hard tonight, I hope you’re ready babe, ‘cause I’mma tear it up” (“Tear It Up)

“My bed could be your stage and I’mma make you a star, your legs in the air, my hands all up in your cookie jar” (“Cookie)

“So many damn hos in this f**king club, mess around a f**k a bitch right in this f**king club” (Show Ya P***y”)

“Feelin’ like we’re on a movie set, can you feel the vibrations? My tongue just like a Jacuzzi jet” (“Legs Shakin”)

“I’m a college grad, girl, I got my degree, I’m the head of my class, tonight you’re lying with a sex genius” (“Genius”)