Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke writes songs for Tibet film

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English singer-songwriter Thom Yorke (who is part of the group Radiohead) is among artists contributing to the soundtrack for When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun, a forthcoming documentary film about Tibet directed by Dirk Simon. According to, contemporary American composer Philip Glass and Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice will also contribute music to the film.

Seven years in the making, When the Dragon will spotlight the movement to free Tibet from Chinese occupation, with narration by actor Dennis Haysbert ( 24, The Color of Freedom) and appearances by the Dalai Lama, Archibishop Desmond Tutu, and actor Richard Gere ( An Officer and a Gentlemen, Chicago).

Radiohead has been an active advocate for the Free Tibet movement, decorating the stage with Tibetan flags during its 2008 world tour and publicly asking British prime minister Gordon Brown to become more involved in the cause. Radiohead frontman Yorke has reportedly written three songs for the film, while Damien Rice wrote one song, and Philip Glass composed the film's main theme.

Director Dirk Simon told on January 4 that Björk, Eric Clapton, UNKLE, DJ Spooky, and Rob Dougan aka Rob D have contributed existing music for the soundtrack. Simon said an official release of the soundtrack "is being negotiated as we speak."

A release date for the film has not been announced, but a trailer can currently be viewed at