Rea launches comeback with single released on vinyl only

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The Road to Hell singer Chris Rea is launching his singing comeback with a vinyl-only version of his new single.

Two years after he announced his retirement due to ill-health, the 57-year-old blues singer has declared his latest record, "Let's Get Away", will only be available on vinyl.

A source close to the singer is reported to have said: "Chris has decided that he won't be succumbing to the culture of music downloads and is planning to boycott the very idea during the release of his latest single. It will be released in seven-inch only format. He wants to return to an age where people cherished the beautiful artwork that accompanied their favourite artists' music. Taking a stand seems to be paying off. Fan orders have been huge."

Rea's decision flies in the face of current trends in the music industry. Last year Radiohead decided to allow fans to pay whatever price they wished to download their album In Rainbows – a move which sparked widespread dismay at the time but has subsequently been applauded.

The songwriter's latest album, The Return of the Fabulous Hofner Bluenotes, is dedicated to the 1960s band of the same name, and the British singer is booked to play at Glastonbury for the first time later this year. He also began a European tour last month to coincide with the release of a new music book.