Rebel Wilson's One Direction joke cut from Teen Choice Awards

Aussie actress defends 'pretty funny joke'

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Rebel Wilson found herself muted out of the coverage of last night's Teen Choice awards, after making an edgy gag about super-popular boy band One Direction.

Onstage to accept her award for best comedy actor, the Australian quipped: "You know what's weird? When I found out that there was a band called One Direction.

"Because that's the name I also gave my asshole."

Asked backstage about the remark, she said: "That's a pretty funny joke."

But the Bridesmaids and Pitch Perfect star appears to harbour no personal animosity towards the British quintet.

Asked who her favourite was, she said: "I like Harry [Styles]. I met them backstage before I went on and Ed Sheeran, who's not technically part of the band, was there and kind of jamming. He's a very nice guy. But probably Harry."

And asked by E! Online if a collaboration might be in the offing, she said: "I'd love to do a song with them and a film clip where we get really hot and sexy.

"I didn't [ask them]. They were like brushing their hair and getting ready.

"But maybe if I see them again I'll talk to them."