Rihanna and Drake drop two ‘Work’ music videos separated by a buffering bar

They come from Director X and Tim Erem

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Rihanna and Drake have released a 7 minute+ music video for ‘Work’, but instead of filling the extra time with some sort of loose, mood-filled narrative, it’s just the same song again.

The first music video comes from Director X and sees the pair head out to a jerk chicken restaurant turned sweaty dancefloor.

A loading bar then appears and the song starts back up, this time directed by Tim Erem.

The second video is pretty standard fare, with Rihanna dancing on Drake in a purple neon-lit lounge, and is reminiscent of the colours of the 'Hotline Bling' video and the style of Nicki Minaj’s 'Anaconda', in which Drake was again a seated voyeur.

'Work' is taken from Rihanna’s new album Anti, while we’re still waiting on a release date for Drake’s next LP - Views from the 6.

His producer did give some hints on what it will sound like though last week, telling the New York Times: “It’s going to be what everybody expects and wants from Drake and from us.

“A lot of introspection, very vivid. He’s discovering new flows, new cadences, new patterns.”