Rihanna on 777 tour: Sometimes you just wish you could give more

Rihanna defends 777 tour after media furore

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Rihanna today defended her decision to take 200 journalists, bloggers and competition winners on a trip to celebrate her seventh studio album, stopping off in seven countries, over seven days in a (you got it) Boeing 777 aeroplane.

The singer went on Radio 1 this morning and responded to the storm of criticism about the gruelling tour schedule, during which alcohol was plentiful but food was “weird” and access to the singer almost non-existent after she shrouded herself in an inflight “panic room”.

After several days aboard the plane weary travellers (who had been promised interviews, but who reported not seeing Rihanna after the first day) escalated into “full-scale revolt” chanting “just one quote!” and “save our jobs”. One Australian DJ resorted to running down the aisles completely nude.

In her only UK interview Rihanna told DJ Nick Grimshaw that the experience have been “fun but exhausting”. She said: "Sometimes it was a two-hour ride to the next country and that was all the sleep you would get."

Responding to criticism that she was unavailable during the tour, Rihanna said she had to “use her time wisely”. She continued: "I knew I had seven countries and seven shows and I had to save my voice. I didn't go crazy. I didn't party too hard.”

“I did have fun though. I tried to get everybody involved but sometimes you just wish you could give more.”

The 24-year-old’s 777 tour came to end last Wednesday. Her new album, aptly named Unapologetic, has since gone to the top of album chart. It is her third number one album in as many years.

At the Forum in London last week Rihanna performed to 1,500 fans. The Independent’s music editor Elisa Bray reported: “Three songs into her set, Rihanna hollers with shameless gusto as she brandishes a mobile phone: ‘Everybody say HTC! Say Budweiser! River Island!’”