Robin Thicke appears battered, bruised and numbed by his own tedium in laughably bad new music video for ‘Get Her Back’

Tables turn on the topless "Blurred Lines" hitmaker as he attempts to win back estranged partner with woefully mundane R-n-Whine

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It’s a sight that many women would welcome - particularly those opposed to the gaudy and derogatory display of predatory swaggering that was “Blurred Lines”.

A bloodied, bruised and beaten Robin Thicke, wincing in pain as he mouths the lyrics to one of the most pitifully boring songs ever to be whined into existence.

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And that’s exactly what one can witness in the songwriter’s new music video for “Get Her Back” – a tedious ode to the breakdown of his marriage to actress Paula Patton.

Far from the Aviator shades, suit and topless models, this time it’s Thicke who’s semi-naked and vulnerable, crying in the dark as text messages reading ‘I hate myself’ and ‘You ruined everything’ mooch across the screen like angsty teenagers.


Thicke first premiered the song at the Billboard Music Awards last month, during which he dedicated the tepid track to his estranged partner. Needless to say, thus far, it doesn’t seem to have worked.