Ryan Lewis who? Producer asks Macklemore fans who he is with hilariously offensive results

'Don't really know what he does...something with computers and whatnot'

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis might be a formidable musical duo, but few people know what Lewis actually does alongside his more famous rapper stage-mate.

So, Jimmy Fallon made it his mission to find out. The US chat show host sent the real Ryan Lewis out to ask people who he was during an entertaining episode of The Tonight Show.

“A lot of self-confessed hip hop fans wouldn’t even recognise Ryan Lewis if they were standing right next to him and talking to him,” Fallon said. “Which is why we sent Ryan Lewis himself, no disguise, out to the streets of New York to ask people what they know about Ryan Lewis.”

Little did the acclaimed producer know that, to some Macklemore fans, he is just the guy who “does something with computers and whatnot”.

One girl failed to recognise him, even after he showed her a photo of him and Macklemore together. Another man gave a laughably bad response: “Don’t really know what he does. He’s like a package deal though; he comes with Macklemore a lot.”

Another Macklemore fan described Lewis as “okay” in the looks department, a “C plus”, before realising she gad just insulted him to his face.

“I can’t think of what he looks like,” a girl who called Lewis “the back-up” said, before picking him as the most attractive from a photo of the award-winning pair, much to his evident delight.

Time for Macklemore to step in and support his buddy, with whom he has shifted millions of albums, won four Grammys, scored a global number one with “Thrift Shop” and been named the most successful UK songwriters of 2013.

Or not, as apparently he has “no idea” who he is either.