Slumford & Sons: Mumfords complain they are 'picked on' for being posh


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Mumford & Sons have complained that they are fed up with being "picked on" for being posh.

The public school band told Q magazine that they do not suffer the same abuse in the US - where they have been a huge success - over their privileged roots.

Banjo player Winston Marshall said: "Class is a big issue here. And some people get picked on more than others. I think we probably do. I mean, it doesn't help that we wear waistcoats and tweed the whole time.

"But there is a reverse snobbishness in England towards that sort of stuff. And I think that's one of the reasons we really enjoy America, 'cos we're classless."

Bandmate Ben Lovett appealed to the UK public to give the band a break, saying: "I think it's unfair to hammer anyone for anything. People should celebrate or ignore, that would be nice. On top of that, I just don't consider myself a posh person."

Bassist Ted Dwane added: "We're not the first band who went to public school."

Fans of Mumford & Sons include Prime Minister David Cameron, who recently joked that he had helped the band achieve success in the US after getting them on the bill for a White House reception.