Spotify integrates Genius to help listeners go behind the lyrics

Finally, lyrics on Spotify!

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Spotify and Genius have cut out the middle man (Google, basically) by combining their respective streaming and lyric analysis services.

They’re kicking off with a hip-hop playlist that will allow users to access lyrics for the songs, along with interpretations from Genius, ‘the world’s largest collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge’.

Spotify said it is “just getting started” and that we can “expect the Genius treatment on much more music you love soon”.

This is really quite exciting if Genius does indeed get integrated far and wide in Spotify’s vast library of music, allowing you to instantly check lyrics and get others’ takes on what they mean, instead of having to make a note of them and go into a browser and Google them at a later date.


Rappers themselves frequently pop up on Genius to explain their lyrics too.

“I’ve partnered with Genius and Spotify to take you 'Behind The Lyrics' of my greatest songs because every word that I write means something to me,” commented Pusha T.

“Together we've found a way to bring my fans a deeper listening experience and raise the bar for songwriters."

Tinashe added: “Spotify and Genius are creating a really cool connection between me and my fans on another level than I normally can connect with them.”