Super Bowl 2017: The most memorable halftime show moments

Touching tributes, dancing sharks and the ultimate wardrobe malfunction

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There's a reason why the Super Bowl is globally one of the most watched and discussed cultural events of the year.

Sure, the majority of tuners in are NFL fans, watching for the game at hand - but there are those who tune in for the traditional and always-memorable halftime show.

Remember who won in 2002, 2004 or even last year? The chances are you don't but we bet you can recall the below halftime show moments - Lady Gaga, you have big shoes to fill.

New England patriots take on Atlanta Falcons in Houston, Texas this Sunday 5 February.

The dancing shark - Katy Perry, 2015

It would take something fairly wacky to divert anyone's attention away from Katy Perry but this dancing shark on the singer's left, who clearly forgot the routine they'd meticulously rehearsed, managed it effortlessly.

The Destiny's Child reunion - Beyoncé, 2013

Even if you weren't a fan of Destiny's Child back in their early-Noughties prime, it was a rare treat to see superstar Beyoncé humbly reunite with her former bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for tracks "Bootylicious" and "Independent Women."

The middle finger flip - Madonna, 2012  

When you're handed a 20-second segment during Madonna's Super Bowl halftime show, you better make it count. Well, nobody can accuse rapper M.I.A. of not trying. Her methods were somewhat questionable, however.

The power slide - Bruce Springsteen, 2009 

Not one song in and The Boss, treating the frenzied crowd to a rendition of Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out, knee slid his way around the stage - and directly into a camera. Never gets old.

The wardrobe malfunction - Janet Jackson, 2004  

The one that everyone remembers. Janet Jackson + Justin Timberlake = the most memorable wardrobe malfunction since Judy Finnigan at the 2001 National Television Awards.

The 9/11 tribute - U2, 2002  

Proving that entertainment doesn't always stem from famous people embarrassing themselves, U2's touching tribute to the victims of 9/11 - performed five months after the tragedy - was perfectly executed. Whether you're a fan or not, this remains a halftime show standout. 

The Blues Brothers - Blues Brothers Bash, 1997

17 years after cult hit The Blues Brothers was released, Dan Aykroyd and John Goodman (stars of sequel Blues Brothers 2000) performed on one of the biggest global platforms the world has to offer. Sadly, the resulting show felt like watching a bunch of uncool parents congregated on the dancefloor at a wedding; not even James Brown or ZZ Top could salvage it.

Super Bowl 51 takes place on Sunday 5 February where the New England Patriots take on Atlanta Falcons. Lady Gaga will perform the halftime show.