The Bonus Track: Charles Bradley, the Byrds, Miley

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Better late than never

There may be only seven types of story in the world, but the one about people who find success in later life keeps on giving. Searching for Sugarman? So 2012. This year was all about Charles Bradley: Soul of America, the documentary about the homeless man turned soul star who released his debut album at 62 years old. First shown on BB4 in September, the DVD is out next month


The evidence mounts

Is it too early to be talking about albums of the year yet? Probably, but as Mount Moriah’s Miracle Temple flew under the UK critics’ radar earlier this year, it seems as good a time as any to mention Heather McEntire’s, astonishing voice again. The video for new single “Miracle Temple ­Holiness” is not bad either. Prepare for an attack of the goosebumps.

Kill two Byrds…

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Byrds, and though Roger McGuinn is still resisting the lure of the reunion tour, there are two ways fans can console themselves. First, David Crosby gave a masterclass in being ­interviewed for Mastertapes and the Radio 4 programme is aired tomorrow and Tuesday night (details at And second, the DVD The Byrd Who Flew Alone, telling the story of fellow founder Gene Clark, has just been released

Miley culture

Sinead, Lily, Kelly … Everyone seems to be having a pop at Miley Cyrus. So now seems as good a time as any to remind people how good she was just one year ago. Watch her Backyard Session cover of  “Jolene”

Next week’s biggie…

Does Gary Barlow save all his best songs for Take That? Kevin Harley reviews the singer’s new solo album Since I Saw You Last. Watch the video for the single “Let Me Go”