The Bonus Track: Sunday Assembly wants you, Daughter get lucky, froggin' country and Midlake's new video

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Not only god knows

Banish all thoughts of “Kumbaya”. Sunday Assembly, the church for people who don’t believe in god but like to congregate, sing and, you know, generally celebrate life and stuff, is on the hunt for musicians to play at its ever-growing services across the country. So if helping congregants belt out pop hits such as “Common People” and “Uptown Girl” is your thing, get in touch. Or if you just want to spread the “Live Better, Help Often, Wonder More” word, watch below


Cover version of the week

"Not another version of 'Get Lucky',” you groan, as every wedding band on the planet adds Daft Punk’s mega-hit to its repertoire. But, trust me, the version by recent 4AD signing Daughter, is different. As you might expect, Elena Tonro and co give the song a spooky twist. It’s out tomorrow on the album BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge 2013, but you can have a listen here


Yeehaw ribbit

“You never know where you’re headed when frogs are involved.” So says the children’s author and songwriter Sandra Boynton, whose latest project is a book, Frog Trouble, with an accompanying album of country songs by the likes of Alison Krauss, Mark Lanegan and Ryan Adams. Watch the charming making-of video


Lotta bottle

Talking of Ryan Adams, before he formed Whiskeytown pretty much the only alt-country act around was Bottle Rockets, whose albums are about to be rereleased next month. Listen to the demo for ­“ Indianapolis” featuring Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar here.


Next week’s biggie…

Has losing their lead singer resulted in a loss of form for Midlake? Kevin Harley reviews Antiphon. Watch the video for the title track here