The Chuckle Brothers and Tinchy Stryder 'laying down some cool stuff in the studio'

Group seen skanking on Instagram

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Almost forgotten-about grime artist Tinchy Stryder has turned to an unlikely set of collaborators for his comeback: The Chuckle Brothers.

Stryder posted a video of him skanking with the duo on Instagram, the climax of an apparently lively day in the studio working on new music.

Those who grew up in the 90s will remember the brothers from such classic sketches as "to me, to you" and....well that's pretty much it.

Younger Chuckle Paul tweeted that they had been "laying down some cool stuff" ahead of Stryder's scheduled comeback album in 2014/2015.

As promo stunts go it's no undeletable iPhone album, though Barry Chuckle has amassed a surprisingly large following on Twitter thanks to his prolific selfie-taking.

"The guys are all playing around in the studio to see if anything comes up," Chuckle Bros manager Phil Dale told The Guardian. "A Christmas track would be fun but there are honestly no plans or deadlines."

Someone start the Facebook campaign now.