The end of the world might be tomorrow, but it isn't the end of Blur

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In April, Damon Albarn seemed to declare the end of Blur. There would be, he said, no more Blur records and no more gigs after the triumphant Hyde Park concert on the last day of the Olympic Games in August.

"I hope that's the truth: that that's how we end it”, he told The Guardian. Now, just a few months after their heady farewell, Blur are firmly back on the tour circuit and feature on the line-up of around 10 international festivals throughout 2013.

Their next date will be at Vive Latino in Mexico City in March, with dates stretching up to Berlin Festival in September. So far there’s nothing on their schedule for the last weekend in June, aka Glastonbury weekend.

Too soon to follow up their tearful 2009 headline act (also proclaimed their last ever gig, at the time)?

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