The National new album: Band tease song with 'Sleep Well Beast' breaking news ticker video

They previously said the new material is sounding 'very fucking amazing'

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The National have posted a 30-second video on Twitter that appears to contain new music.

Their whole page has been redesigned in fact, their avatar switching to a new logo shaped like a house.

'Sleep Well Beast' the video is titled, which peers voyeuristically into apartments as a fuzzy, discordant guitar riff plays over the top. There are no vocals from Matt Berninger, but the audio-visual has a dark vibe, reminiscent of tracks like 'Brainy', at least in tone if not in sound.

The red and blue colour scheme, coupled with the breaking news ticker and the words 'THE SYSTEM ONLY DREAMS IN TOTAL DARKNESS', suggests a possible political tinge to the new music.

The band has explored politics before with tracks like 'Mr. November', the music video for 'Conversation 16' and a performance in support of Obama, but have been more politically active than ever in the months since Donald Trump's election.

The capitalisation of 'Sleep Well Beast' suggests it is a title of a song or the name of their new album, expected to be released this autumn.

They've been playing material from it at shows recently, including a track called 'Prom Song (13th Century)' that St. Vincent jumped on vocals for.