The National on Game of Thrones: We feel connected to the Lannisters

Band previously recorded "Rains of Castamere" for the show

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Your favourite TV show Game of Thrones and your favourite band The National have been united in the same sentence thanks to a Reddit AMA given by Matt Berninger and co.

The band were asked about the "Rains of Castamare" track they recorded for the HBO show and how they came to do it during the Q&A, with Matt replying: "DB Weiss and David Benioff, the creators, just called and asked if we'd be willing. I think they wanted a sinister-sounding voice.

"At the time, we didn't realize it would be connected to so many horrible moments," he added. "But for some strange reason I feel connected to the Lannister family anyway. Maybe it's because I'm blond...and evil... "

The Brooklyn-based band joked that they rarely play it live however as it's simply too gloomy (even by their standards).

"We played it in Belfast when most of the Knights' Watch was in attendance," Matt said. "When they heard it they all ran for their lives. We don't play it as much live because it fills people with dread."

Elsewhere in the AMA, The National discussed their favourite songs to play live (Little Faith, Terrible Love and more) and Matt's favourite choice of drink on stage (wine on the rocks, or as he calls it, a "Cincinnati Sangria").

Matt also revealed how he does not consider their music depressing despite its sombre tone, replying to a Redditor who said that the band had helped him out of a bout of depression: "It's always nice to hear stuff like this. Our music has been described as depressing a lot when in fact it's actually helped me get through a lot of rough times myself.

"For whatever reason, I think our music is the opposite of depressing."