This club with a standing toilet for puking is the pinnacle of innovation

It has a flush and everything

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When you’ve drunk so much that your body immediately needs to expunge the poison from your body, it’s often with a sense of ‘I deserved this’ that you kneel before the porcelain alter on its grotesque, sticky floor.

But it needn’t be that way, a night club in the Czech Republic has installed a standing toilet designed as a vomiting basin - complete with hand rails to keep you steady.

A handy poster on the wall explains how to use it, and a lever just visible in the photo allows it to be flushed post-barf. Well done, human race!

The photo was uploaded to Reddit by Czech gamer Vladimír Kincl, who described the toilet in Club Kotelna, Prague as “awesome”.

“I’ve never seen this kind of toilet before either, that’s the reason why I took the photo,” he added to MailOnline.

“According to my friends they don’t have anything like that in the women’s bathroom.”

Reaction to the invention was mixed.

"I definitely prefer to be half laying on the floor next to a toilet. Puking while standing sounds hard," one user commented, while a barman countered: "Any place that actively encourages drinking to the point of vomiting should probably have their liquor license revoked. And before you ask; yes I'm fun at parties."

The chest-high toilets would presumably be very popular in the UK, which has one of the highest levels of binge drinking in the world.