To infinity and beyond: Sarah Brightman goes where no soprano has gone before


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Classical singer Sarah Brightman will boldly go where no soprano has gone before when she becomes the first professional musician to record a song in space.

Her 10-day tenure on board the Russian Federal Space Agency space station is due to take place in 2015.

Brightman’s new album Dreamchaser has also been heavily influenced by her space training.

She says: “They’re connected subliminally- in the feelings of the songs and what they gave to me, which was something very uplifting, very open, very outward.”

The album cover features the soprano lit up in front of a luminous moon and includes track titles “Angel” and “Venus and Mars”, a song previously recorded by Paul McCartney.

As part of her space mission, Brightman hopes to advocate for UNESCO’s mandate to promote peace and sustainable development to safeguard the planet’s future.

Her humanitarian goals have also inspired Dreamchaser. “Humankind’s ability to set and deliver goals combined with the individual’s pursuit of their dreams and desires are perhaps the most powerful forces that we know.

“Believing that something may be out of reach should never stop us stretching for it- the journey should be as rewarding as arriving at the destination,” she says.

Dreamchaser by Sarah Brightman is released on 8 April with Decca Records in the UK.