Trending: Green Day light a candle in the wind for Amy


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You could almost hear the collective "Hmmmm" when American demi-punks Green Day announced they would be crowning their soon-to-be-on-the-shelves 38-song, three disc, wedding cake of an album ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre! with a musical tribute to the late Amy Winehouse.

It's hard to even imagine the Californians, whose last 02 show was described by a critics as being like an epically extended version of the old BBC show Crackerjack and the five-Grammy-winning Winehouse in the same room. Mainly because they never were.

"I didn't know her," admitted Green Day's frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, but he was, however, "really sad" when she died of alcohol poisoning last year.

So wrought by grief, in fact, that he decided to do the decent thing and, er, turn her foreshortened life into a cautionary song: "¡Dos! .. [is] a party record," he told the NME, "so at the end of it maybe 'Amy' kind of comes across as the consequences of the party." Move over, Elton.