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After the glossy, big-budget music video for "Born To Die", Lana Del Rey has returned to the Instagram-esque promos that splice retro footage with sultry shots of the 25-year-old songstress that first caught our attention. The new video for "Carmen", which tells the story of a depressed teenage party girl, has an almost identical aesthetic to previous singles "Video Games" and "Blue Jeans". Want to make your own? Here's a LDR video checklist:

- Cityscapes (Bad stuff happens in the city)

- Vintage cartoon footage (Cute!)

- A flower opening up (Short-lived beauty)

- People in swimming pools (Carefree!)

- Hipster boyfriend (Tattoos preferred)

- Gold jewellery (Trashy but decadent!)

- Star-Spangled Banner (The American dream)

- Drugs or alcohol (Dark!)

- Pouting (Trademark move)

- Paparazzi (Fame!)