'Uptown Funk' grandma-style is even more awesome than the Bruno Mars original

Alex Boye's remake of Mark Ronson's video is the best thing you'll watch today

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Those of you assuming “Uptown Funk” is a song for the youth of today, think again.

Nigerian singer Alex Boye recruited a group of senior citizens to recreate the video to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ chart-topper and, judging by the result, they’re far from confined to armchairs and slippers.

Boye posted on Facebook confirming that he only used grandmas and grandpas in his “Oldtown Cover” video, all of whom “did their own stunts”. The dance moves are really quite impressive, and each scene has been parodied to a tee.

Don’t believe him? Just watch. Boye recruited the “Golden Girls” for his project, a group of dancing grandmas “well known in the Utah area for performing at half-time basketball games”.

Highlights from the “Uptown Funk” remake include one granny doing the splits, Boye’s electric scooter and all the seriously groovy shades the cast are sporting.


“Many thanks to my funky seniors!” he wrote, adding that the eldest participant was 92 and between the, they had raised 500 children, 1,200 grandchildren and 250 great-grandchildren.

Anyone wanting more of Boye’s awesome videos, check out his ‘Africanized’ remakes of “Let It Go” from Frozen and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”.