Video: US rappers film video in North Korea

Pacman and Peso's 'Escape to North Korea' takes in Pyongyang landmarks

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Two American rappers have managed to film a music video in North Korea, despite harsh media censorship in the secretive state.

North Koreans are unlikely ever to see rappers Pacman and Peso’s “Escape to North Korea”, as internet access is illegal and state-owned radio and television is tightly controlled.

It shows the pair at Pyongyang landmarks including the Arch of Triumph and Grand Monument, while seemingly unconcerned soldiers patrol in the background.

Their lyrics barely mention the country, instead talking about their upbringing and ambitions to dominate the music scene.

Peso, 20, whose real name is Dontray Ennis, and Pacman, 19, whose real name is Anthony Bobb, raised more than $10,000 for the unusual project through crowdsourcing website Kickstarter.

Their pitch on the website said they grew up in the Congress Heights neighbourhood of Washington DC- dubbed a “murder zone” in the song.

It reads: “They have dodged bullets (literally), gone to sleep hungry, and seen loved ones die. 

“They both got caught up in the juvenile justice system at a young age which interrupted their education.”

The rappers told the Washington Post they hoped the stunt would boost their careers.

“No one’s ever been there,” Peso said before the trip. “No one’s tried to do the things we trying to do out of there. No one ever shot a video.”

He added: “We want to learn more. Do different things.”

Neither of them had left the US before travelling to North Korea on a government-approved package holiday.