Watch Ed Sheeran cover Iron Maiden and Limp Bizkit acoustic-style on the Jimmy Fallon Show

The singer-songwriter even lends a soft touch to TY Dolla Sign's 'Paranoid'

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Just days after debuting a song about his love for marijuana, Ed Sheeran continues to flaunt his new-found bad boy image by covering heavy metal tracks.

The singer put his own special acoustic spin on Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” and  Limp Bizkit’s “Angel Fire” in a spoof sketch for Jimmy Fallon's The Tonight Show.

Sheeran is no stranger to rap having previously sampled some serious flow on “Don’t” and “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You”, but he went one further on the late night TV show, covering TY Dolla Sign’s “Paranoid”.


Sheeran didn’t seem to take Fallon’s invitation for him to cover the hip hop artist too seriously, smirking throughout as he sang “both of my b*tches drive Range Rovers” in his censored rendition of the 2014 rap song.

His cheeky British charm has won him hoards of fans in the US, where his most recent album X earned him his first number one on the Billboard 200.