When will the bass drop? Lonely Island's parody of Avicii and David Guetta is perfect

Andy Samberg plays DJ 'Davincii'

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Lonely Island's Andy Samberg has lampooned EDM's ability to send idiots into paroxysms simply by holding off the beat drop as long as possible in a new skit for SNL.

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Judging by the mid-length brown hair, terrible t-shirt and scruffy early-2000s style leather jacket, he is clearly evoking the Aviciis and David Guettas of this world in the short, hovering closer to a giant 'BASS' button as a synth line climbs.

"Davinciii" then pretends to look busy twisting knobs behind the decks as he secretly fries an egg, sketches a self portrait, plays Bust-A-Move and rakes a tiny sandbox.

Sending up how some DJs make exorbitant amounts of money essentially putting a donk on a simple melody he then starts taking credit card payments before finally letting the bass drop, at which point members of the audience spontaneously explode.

The video is one of the comedy group's better skits, up there with, I'm On A Boat, Semicolon and the timeless I Just Had Sex.