Who lives in a house like this? An unlikely INXS fan


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Who lives in a house like this? There's dirty laundry all over the floor, piles of records strewn around, life drawings hanging in the bathroom and war medals displayed on the walls. Why, it's Pete Doherty, of course, the free-spirited scamp. In a video recorded for NME's website, the 33-year-old musician gives viewers a tour of his cramped Paris apartment.

These days, Pete's really embraced the French culture (it's just so bohemian, isn't it?) He sports a little Tricolour in his trademark hat, sings a bit of Françoise Hardy and picks up books such as Bonjour Tristesse (never mind that it's the sort of book that teenage girls read, it's French, so it's cool.) Fortunately, there's no blood on the walls, but it's covered in antique-looking trinkets (ie crap).

Pete also shows off some of his cool record collection. He's got everything you'd expect: Neil Young, Tom Waits, Miles Davis, Nico, Leonard Cohen. There's an awkward moment when Pete realises an INXS album has sneaked into his pile (definitely not bohemian or French) but he manages quickly to cover that up. Perhaps the most surprising thing of all is that Pete has flatmates. Wonder if he found them on Gumtree?