Will Smith reunites with DJ Jazzy Jeff at Vegas pool party, peels off shirt, performs Summertime

Crowd were also treated to Jump On It and more

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As you ponder that mundane dilemma of whether or not to nip down to the office canteen for a hash brown or hold out until lunch, bear in mind that over in Vegas Will Smith is partying to Sisqo's Thong Song at a pool party.

The actor dropped in to a Palms Casino Resort pool party on Friday to see his son Trey DJ Ace Smith's set, but couldn't resist getting on stage himself.

Smith posted a selfie of his reunion with DJ Jazzy Jeff on Facebook, attracting 1.1 million Likes from fans, before taking requests from the crowd.

The duo soon launched into Summertime, Smith peeling off his shirt and sending the crowd predictably wild.

They also busted out Jump On It, with Smith noting how he hadn't even seen Jeff for seven months let alone performed with him.

The old adage 'what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas' didn't turn out to be true, with members of the crowd posting hundreds of smartphone videos of the impromptu set online.

One taken by Smith himself saw him backed by the tanned flesh of the partygoers as Sisqo's Thong Song dropped.