World asked to join 'minute of meditation' for Harrison

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Fans of George Harrison were asked to join in a global minute of meditation today as a tribute to the former Beatle.

Harrison's wife, Olivia, and son, Dhani, released a statement thanking supporters for their "outpouring of love and compassion" and inviting them to join the meditation.

The moment's silence, at 9.30pm, will come after a candlelit vigil at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, the college founded by Sir Paul McCartney on the site of their former senior school.

Harrison was cremated hours after his death, aged 58, from cancer on Friday. His family plans to scatter his ashes on the Ganges river in India. "The profound beauty of the moment of George's passing – of his awakening from this dream – was no surprise to those of us who knew how he longed to be with God," the statement said. "In that pursuit, he was relentless.

"Olivia and Dhani invite you to join them in a minute of meditation in honour of George's journey, wherever you are." About 6,000 people are expected to attend the vigil in Liverpool. Mike Storey, the city council leader, said it was a chance to remember Harrison's music and achievements.

"He was a modest man who did not relish pomp and circumstance, so we believe this simple candlelit vigil would be in keeping with his wishes.

"We were also keen to follow the wishes of his family that fans across the world should have a minute's silence and contemplation," he said.

Prayers of remembrance were said for Harrison in churches, cathedrals and at makeshift shrines across Liverpool. Canon Michael Wolfe offered a prayer of thanksgiving at the Anglican cathedral, saying that the musician would be remembered "for his contribution to song and music, and for his work for charity".