WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler defends his misspelled ‘MEGADEATH’ jacket patch

Error was corrected after the internet shamed him

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Biker jacket patches are dubious at the best of times, usually signifying how the wearer wants to be perceived rather than their actual music taste, but if you are going to wear them, at least get the damn spelling right.

The WWE’s Dolph Ziggler learned this the hard way at the Money In The Bank PPV back in June, when he sported a Megadeth patch with one too many A’s.

The internet was in hysterics over this and quickly shamed him into changing it - declaring him a ‘fake fan’ - and by a WWE RAW episode just a day later the patch had been corrected.

Ziggler never responded to the barrage of tweet about the gaffe, but Metal Injection finally got him to discuss it yesterday (above).

"I have an amazing costume designer…he does such awesome work and he rushed an entire outfit for me in 12 hours and sent it over to me, put all these cool patches on it…he made one spelling error and the world called me out.

"Not like 'Cool jacket!', like 'You’re a fake fan!' This guy made this elaborate chain and patch jacket in 12 hours so i could walk out with it and by the way he was so bummed out…but he fixed it like 30 seconds later…I said 'Hey I lost all my street cred with the metal guys, but it doesn’t matter, the gear is cool and people need to chill out when people spells words wrong'."

Hopefully the WWE has learnt it’s lesson and we don’t see Limp Biscuit on the line-up anytime soon.