'You'll have to wait': Justin Timberlake disappoints fans with YouTube manifesto despite promising new single

The second 'retired' museum to make an appearance on the world's radar this week demands rather more fanfare than Bowie

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Music fans had a few surprises this week. Two artists who had “retired” from music, David Bowie and Justin Timberlake, both announced they weren’t done quite yet.

But whereas Bowie nonchalantly uploaded a new track (the first in a decade) onto the internet on Tuesday, Timberlake obviously felt his return (after a five-year absence) deserved rather more fanfare.

At 5am yesterday he tweeted telling people to head to his website at 5pm. Pop fans everywhere held their breath all day for a new track. Five o’clock arrived and instead of a tune, a one-minute video appeared featuring Timberlake giving a pretentious speech.

“I don’t want to put anything out that I feel is something I don’t love. You have to wait for it”. He finishes by stepping into a recording booth and saying, “I’m ready”.

Then we’re informed to come back in three days’ time, when presumably a new song will drop. Or perhaps he’ll string it out for a bit longer. I think I preferred Bowie’s resurrection.