YouTube launches "response to Pandora and"

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On January 20, YouTube launched its new Musical Discovery Project, "Disco" for short, which allows viewers to create playlists of videos currently out by favorite and recommended artists. The service, which Rolling Stone calls YouTube's "response to Pandora and," is similar to the Genius service offered on iTunes.

A search for U2 on Disco, for example, produces a playlist of videos by U2 as well as R.E.M., The Police, The Alarm, Echo & The Bunnymen, and Simple Minds. The playlist can then be tinkered with - tracks can be deleted, other tracks can be added from several lists, and the entire playlist can be saved to create a "mixtape."

The Music Discovery Project takes advantage of the newly lauched Vevo, YouTube's partnership with record labels that has officially sanctioned many of its music videos.