One Direction release surprise single 'Drag Me Down' and fans don't know what to do

It's going down pretty well

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One Direction have surprised fans by releasing a new single overnight, entirely unannounced.

Liam broke the news first:

His fellow band members quickly followed suit:

It's been pretty much breaking the internet ever since:

And this poor guy's fan too:

It's welcome relief for those who've been craving some new 1D music:

For some people, Friday has already been sent wildly off course:

But for most it's just been super emotional:

It's been a tough old night for some Directioners though:

I'm not entirely sure, but I think that this means Fern likes it:

For other fans, this will make life just feel worthwhile:

And Mac? Yeah, I think Mac likes it too.

The news is welcome respite for the group's legion of devotees, who have been embroiled in a bitter battle with Zayn Malik since he signed a new record deal and vowed to make “real music” after nearly five years with the band.

The first single from the 1D's new album, due out later this year, Drag Me Down's release was announced online in the early hours of the morning by Liam Payne, who also goes by Payno.

It follows in the footsteps of Sam Smith and Beyonce, who have released tracks with no big build up in the past.

The single is 1D's first in eight months, since previous effort Night Changes reached number one in Indonesia and Belgium and made its way to seven in the UK singles charts.

The boys are hoping the music will speak for itself, and based on the reactions online, it’s going down pretty well amongst the hardcore Directioners.