Phoenix invites fans to reinvent 'Wolfgang' LP

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French indie band Phoenix announced via Twitter September 18 that they will release the mp3 stems from their Grammy Award-winning album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, allowing fans to rework the tracks as remixes, mashups, or covers.

Phoenix is offering the audio files as "a few presents" before their Madison Square Garden show (with special guests Wavves and Dirty Projectors) in New York on October 20. The stems, available on the band's website, are the .wav files of the lead vocals, keys, drums, etc., which fans can then adjust, record additional tracks, or use with music production software to create their own songs.

This year, the band has been busy touring the globe in support of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, their fourth studio effort. Debuted in 2009, it earned a Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album. Phoenix is also known for collaborating with American director Sofia Coppola on her films Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette, and her upcoming Somewhere (she and the band's lead singer Thomas Mars are life partners and have two children).

Alternative rockers Weezer recently released the music stems from their track "Love Is the Answer," from Raditude, and asked fans to submit their remixes of the track for a chance to be included on an official collaboration and create a song with lead singer Rivers Cuomo. American rock band Linkin Park followed suit by releasing audio stems for their hit "The Catalyst" while requesting that fans upload remixes to the band's MySpace page.

Phoenix fans can download the stems at

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