Album: Aerosmith, Music from Another Dimension! (Columbia)


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Music from Another Dimension! is Aerosmith's first album in eight years, and probably their last: with a few exceptions, these songs sound like they were ground out through gritted teeth by people who really didn't want to be in one another's company.

There's little of the panache of a "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" on display here: only "Out Go the Lights" summons up that kind of insouciant lothario swagger, and it's marooned among a bunch of half-hearted ideas whipped beyond their means, like "Tell Me", "Luv XXX" and "Beautiful", which is just awful. They make sure to tick the expected boxes, with the hoary old Stones raunch of "Oh Yeah" and the big power ballad "What Could Have Been Love", but it's all sounding terribly tired now.

Download: Out Go the Lights; Oh Yeah; What Could Have Been Love