Album: Air, Love 2 (Virgin)

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Air's course over the past decade has been rather mixed, with frequent lapses into unappetising prog-rock stodge, and a heavy-handed concept-album about electronic music that managed to drain away any excitement remaining in the subject.

But Love 2 represents, in part, a welcome return to the lighter touch of Moon Safari, with the hushed voice, soaring synth and simple but effective key-change of "Heaven's Light", in particular, reprising the winning alliance of amour and astronomy in their breakthrough hit "Sexy Boy". There's still a tendency to slip into incidental film-music mode, as with the pounding piano, guitar and motorik drums of "Be A Bee", and more successfully with the thumb piano and pipe sounds of "Tropical Disease", the latter is only one of a series of globe-trotting sonic simulacra. The best of these world-music manqués are the slinky synthetic bossa nova "Love" and "So Light Is Her Footfall", whose blended vocals could have been arranged by Sergio Mendes; less appealing is "Night Hunter", which opens with a rolling Fela Kuti beat, but fails to develop the full head of steam required to evoke a Kalakuta warrior charge. In this sense, it's the perfect illustration of the dilettante approach that deprives the duo's music of any lasting impression. But as background muzak, it's fine.

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