Album: Amy Winehouse, Lioness: Hidden Treasures (Island)

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At the time of her death it appeared that Winehouse was getting even further away from making the third album we craved.

We shall never know. What we have instead is Lioness, a rag-bag of bits and bobs from the vaults, spanning her career.

Inevitably, it doesn't hang together with the unity of Frank or Back to Black despite the best efforts of compiler Mark Ronson and producer Salaam Remi. The tracklist consists of covers, alternate versions, unreleased tracks and original demos. Of the "new" tracks the highlight is "Best Friends, Right?", which would, like "Back to Black", be a standard-in-waiting were it not for the fact its overly specific lyrics (listing her mates by name) render it all but uncoverable.

Lioness reinforces what we already knew: Winehouse was, in every sense, wasted.