Album: Beardyman, I Done a Album, (SundayBest)

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Beatboxer supremo Beardyman describes himself as having some form of "musical Attention Deficit Disorder", a diagnosis confirmed by this debut album, on which he darts impulsively from style to style, throwing in short sketches, impressions and throwaway one-liners to keep the pot bubbling.

One moment he's delivering a sort of Balkan oompah dubstep, the next a North African rai/dancehall blend, then an uncannily accurate impression of a Q-Tip rap. Individual tracks morph restlessly: dub reggae skank "Gonna Be Sick" transforms into a Dizzee-style grime blurt, while "Mullet Bwoy" mutates back and forth between grimy dubstep and epic prog-rock. The album's relentless variety is both its strength and its weakness: it's never boring, but its core character dissipates with each successive change of direction.

DOWNLOAD THIS Twist Your Ankal; Game Over; Gonna Be Sick