Album: Beth Nielsen, Chapman The Mighty Sky (BNC)


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Beth Nielsen Chapman here provides a song-borne guide to astronomy for reluctant little learners that parents should find fun, too.

It's a fund of myriad delights: "The Moon" explains tides, phases etc, through singalong a cappella; "Little Big Song" deals with the microcosmic and macrocosmic without mentioning either; and "The Big Bang Boom" is surely the catchiest song to include the phrase "expanding singularity". As a refutation of creationism, however, it's trumped by the jaunty "Test, Re-Test And Verify", an explanation of scientific method advocating scepticism. Musically, it's as varied as the universe, from the cosmic Cajun roll of "Zodiacal Zydeco" to the surf guitar of "Rockin' Little Neutron Star".

Download: The Big Bang Boom; The Moon; Zodiacal Zydeco