Album: Bonnie Raitt, Slipstream (Redwing/Proper)


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On her first album in seven years, Bonnie Raitt divides her efforts between fiery slide-guitar blues recorded with her own band, and a handful of tracks recorded with producer Joe Henry's bespoke band of specialist players including expressive drummer Jay Bellerose and omni-talented guitarist Bill Frisell.

 The former is best represented by Little Feat-style tracks such as "Down to You" and the wonderful churning funk stew of opener "Used to Rule the World", a reflection on the corrosion of youthful ambition. It's delivered with Bonnie's trademark kindly swagger, although her best performances here are probably the brace of covers from Dylan's Time out of Mind, "Million Miles" and "Standing in the Doorway", on which Frisell's tiny vibrato glimmer wields a subtle power to match her quiet passion.

DOWNLOAD THIS Used to Rule the World; Million Miles; Standing in the Doorway; Down to You