Album: Brian Eno with Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams, Small Craft on a Milk Sea (Warp)

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Brian Eno's first album for Warp finds him collaborating with the guitarist Leo Abrahams and the keyboardist Jon Hopkins on a series of drifting, improvised pieces intended to produce landscapes of sound, rather than songs.

It's territory he's explored many times before, and whose parameters he effectively mapped with his Music for Films series. As the album title suggests, it's a calm, largely featureless terrain: "Complex Heaven" finds limpid guitar figures adrift in oceanic bliss-scape. More animatedly, the agitated tattoo of "Horse" develops a pell-mell momentum, and "Paleosonic" features a choppy hubbub streaked with dervish guitar runs. But at their best, as with the haunted De Chirico space of "Calcium Needles", these pieces are powerfully evocative.

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