Album: Brian Olivet, Two Of Everything (Alive Natural Sound)

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The Cincinnatti-based multi-instrumentalist Brian Olive reveals a deep affection for British psych-rock on this solo debut.

With Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys co-producing, Olive has captured the flavour of 1960s Brit-blues on the cusp of spreading into druggier, more exploratory areas. There is a psychedelic glint to the guitar break in "Left Side Rock", while riffing sax and keyboards on "You Can't Hide It" come straight from Traffic's second album and elsewhere flute, reeds and percussion evoke Ladbroke Grove hippiedom. However, Olive also builds weird transatlantic bridges with "Strange Attracter", where deep, burring horns and piano stomp combine with wheedling noise, like a bagpipe groove played by The Velvet Underground. Bizarre but intoxicating.

DOWNLOAD THIS: Left Side Rock; You Can't Hide It; Strange Attracter; Back Sliding Soul